Friday, October 31, 2014

Re-Treading the Lonesome Way (31 October 2014)

[31 October 2014]
Wandering the Lonesome Way
with trees, birds and Goddess_
I find the paths within that stir
my heathen fur, and break stress
down the back_ opening into Fay
the Mind that lists and will sway
at Her revelations_  I halt!

Standing in open wood stations
near the Cromlech of the Self_
imbibing revelations as I play
In the sandbox of Becoming_
there on the lonesome track,
like an Elf in the quay, where
abandonment proceeds joy …  I wait!

She-Who-Is strides on ahead,
Her feet leaving tracks for us
to follow_
I can smell her perfumed hair
and so, desiring Art, I forge onward—
into the Future – Her Time –
seeking the scented sequins
that are the signs of Her
having just been Here!       _I revel!

Pathing along the Riverbed Way
With swans, snakes and deer_
I have lost Her within the signs
of the Wellworn Path
where She now tarries_
talking with the Faeries who sing
to bring Her my supper supplication_
And I swoon.

Journeying toward Her Hidden Lair
I gasp in the breaking air_
Poetic magick taking me down the lane
where by broken cane
She will soon repair
all that I have hastily forsaken.
Time is the Oath in which I stride,
with a new spiritual mead
to imbibe_ I soar!

[An imaginary encounter in the vestibule  of Samhain; a poetic communion with Goddess and self; a playful imagining at the turnstiles of vocation and aesthetic devotion.  So mote it be]

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