Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Dolmen on the Heath – A Summerwood Meditation (21 June 2011)

“Wonder is our human reaction to the exuberant and astonishing power of things to be – that is, their sheer is-ness.” (76)
-          Paul Brockelman
Cosmology and Creation (1999)

The natural world around us is greening to its fullness_ coaxing me into verdant meditations on the nature of Summerwood; drawing me to reflect on the spiritual themes appropriate to this time of the year.  Summer Solstice stands at the pinnacle of Nature’s resurrection each year; it is the height of the ‘Olden Wheel’; the ever-repeating earthen cycle.  It is the longest day of the year, embraced by the shortest nights.  Traditionally, Summer Solstice was associated with ‘luck’ and ‘fate,’ as at this point fields, gardens and forests were fecund with the promise of bounty, yet people could not predict the outcome of the summer growing season—whether it would come to fruition or not, or how fully.  There is also an inner ‘contradiction’ in Summer’s Solstice; that while this is the longest day and life seems to be flourishing, and although the plant world will continue toward fructification and fruition for the next couple months or so, from here on out the days will get shorter and shorter.  This irony portends an intimation of mortality amidst all of the delicious ripening and fullness; a first hint that Autumn and then Winter will yet come again.  But for now_
Dance!  Sing!  Play!  Revel!