Spirituality and Naturalism: A Personal Precis

THE JOURNEY: Over the last four decades I have sought wisdom in various traditions, including monasticism, Celtic mysticism and mythology, Wicchan traditions, Goddess spirituality and Neo-Paganism. I've journeyed into imagined worlds via literature and poetry, film and theater. Seeking a ground in science as a touchstone for understanding and experiencing the world, I've meditated on the history and evolution of life on this planet over the last 4 billion years, as well as on the mystery of the expanding universe and our place in it. I have enthusiastically read geology, evolutionary biology and paleontology, as well as in philosophy, mythology (including the Bible) and theology. I am just as interested in physics and chemistry, astronomy and cosmology as I am in music, poetics, art and theater.

THE DREAM: I dream as I live; seeking wisdom; i.e., the kind of knowledge that enables a person to better live life. To live life fully, I believe we must be disciplined and be free to employ all of our talents and resources toward the best ends, not just for ourselves but for the good of the planetary community as well. I have long sought touchstones of wisdom in religious traditions, especially the Wicchan, Celtic and Monastic traditions of the West. I am now seeking wisdom in the revelations of science. I am interested in the relationship between science and 'the Good Life.' I meditate in the interface between science and aesthetics; poetics and the truth about the world that has been established by the sciences. Ultimately, I dream of a better world and a better life for all living things, powered by both the revelations of science and the wisdom of ancient spiritual and mystical traditions.

A NEW SPIRITUALITY: I believe that a spirituality grounded in the revelations of science; but not limited to what science has revealed—is possible, and that there is a real need today for us to strive toward new spiritual and mystical horizons, inspired by the story of the Earth & Cosmos now outlined by evolutionary biology, historical geology, paleontology and cosmology. If we, as a species, are going to do more than merely survive, we need a new spirituality; a planetary, species-wide spirituality grounded in what science has shown us about ourselves and the universe in which we find ourselves. All of my published books explore this question of how we should now live, at one level or another; either reconstructing a Celtic paradigm of mysticism or telling stories that will inspire reflection on where we are going as a species; as spiritual beings grounded in the Earth in our becoming.